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Pre-License Course

This course is 100% online, with no webinars or discussion boards, and will prepare you for the Kentucky real estate exam. The course will fulfill all of the state's requirements for a real estate license. The course features 24 modules with quizzes, intermediate quizzes, electronic flashcards, resources and a final. The textbook is Modern Real Estate Practice, 18th edition by Dearborn Publishing. You can take the course at your leisure, day or night, at home or at work, on your laptop or on your desktop. Electronic flashcard access is included with the course to assist with studying.


Please note: You have six months to complete this course. Your course administrator is Kent Gray.


Refunds are not permitted after the course has been started.


The real estate student is responsible for  purchasing  the Textbook MODERN REAL ESTATE PRACTICES 18TH EDITION. This policy was changed in March of 2013.


This course is 100% online, without webinars or discussion boards!

1: Business of Real Estate
2: Concepts of Home Ownership
3: Agency and Real Estate Brokerage
4: Listing Agreements
5: Interests in Land
6: Forms of Ownership
7: Legal Descriptions
8: Real Estate Taxes and Liens
Modules 1 - 8 Review Quiz
9: Contracts
10: Transfer of Title
11: Buyer Representation
12: Financing Principles
13: Financing Practice
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14: Leases
15: Appraising
16: Fair Housing and Ethics
Modules 9 - 16 Review Quiz
17: Environmental Issues
18: Closing the Real Estate Transaction
19: Introduction to Real Estate Investments
20: Kentucky Law
21: Kentucky Law 2
22: Kentucky Law 3
23: Marketing and Math Review
Modules 17 - 24 Review Quiz
24: Review
Practice Final Quiz
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Kentucky Real Estate College
Total General Hours: 96.00
KY Real Estate College Price:$395.00